Monday, March 11, 2013

2 years ago, there was a great earthquake in Tohoku region, Japan. Magnitude of the quake was 9.0 and the intensity was so devastating that it ended up creating an history for nuclear accident which is the second largest one in the world that happened till now.
Latest and sensational news is that this earthquake that happened on 11th March 2011, had a far more story. The tremor was detected by a satellite named "Goce" which is at the edge of space. When the earthquake happened, Goce satellite detected a ripple of sound at the 255th Km above the earth.
  According to experts, when quakes occur, they generate very low frequency waves or sometimes infrasound which is really below discernible to human ear. But they wonder "how can a satellite in orbit has the capability to record them"? Even though the satellite is ultra-sensitive to record these disturbances, it must be very low so that it can sense those waves.

My question is, "Was this really a natural disaster or was it a secret weapon used by any other nation to create such a massive earthquake which caused a Tsunami and finally ended up with history's second largest nuclear accident"?



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